Deadpool Review


Unleash the hounds! Ryan Reynolds has finally done it. He is and always will be Deadpool, a snarky, raunchy and extremely violent anti-hero. Reynolds has earned his own comic book franchise with a vengeance. His, not to be too hyperbolic, razor sharp wit, lightning fast delivery and incredible likeability come through in every scene.

Reynolds is Wade Wilson, a dishonorably discharged ne’er do well, ex-special forces operator with a “special skill set.” After his discharge, Wilson became a mercenary, specializing in the Equalizer-like terrorizing of the slimy underbelly of the city. That is, until he meets the love of his life, the incredibly beautiful and equally biting (yes, a deliberate, double entendre) Vanessa (Morena Baccarin from Serenity) and his life changes. No longer is Wilson the desperate loner caring for nothing but himself and his debauchery. He is in love.

Really though, when can a poor innocent potential super guy ever get a break, certainly not in his origin story. And of course, tragedy strikes. Wilson is struck with late stage cancer and engages in desperate attempt to save his life. Then enters a strange little man, dressed like a mortician, looking for the walking dead, not the TV show, but people on the brink of death. He makes an offer to save Wilson and make him a super hero. At the end of all hope, Wilson ends accepts and Deadpool is born.

Through it all Ryan Reynolds moves like an nc-17 Cary Grant, committing murder and mayhem while hurling invective and insult with equal fervor. Whew, I love me some sweet alliteration! Deadpool is like some crazed stepchild of Arsenic and Old Lace and John Wick. He manages to be a Keanu Reeves like wrecking crew while never losing his Cary Grant like charm. Ya, just have to love the guy.

And, like Cary Grant, he breaks the fourth wall and brings the audience in on the fun, just maybe not so flawlessly as the amazing Cary. Great performances, inspired directing and amazing cinematography mix with an off the wall story to create a simple, yet brilliant, new super heroic world.

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Written by Craig Peters

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