Overwatch Announces ‘Support Sniper’ Ana

Ana, Overwatch

Overwatch is only a few months old, but Blizzard isn’t taking anything for granted. The gaming studio announced its first post-launch hero Ana. The mother of Overwatch’s Pharah, Ana is a “support sniper” who can heal teammates with darts, buff them with Biotic Grenades and uses Sleep Darts against enemies.

Maybe the most important aspect of Ana’s sleep darts is their ability to interrupt a rival’s “ultimate.” Euro Gamer released a video of Ana in action on the Public Test Realm (PTR) and it appears her darts are more effective against certain heroes than others.

Blizzard believes Ana will have the highest skill cap. Based on PTR testing reported by Daily Dot theorycrafters are already speculating at three healer comps in pro play.

“I think [Ana] will be used to counter dive comps by just outhealing everyone and sleeping easy targets,” Grego explains. “Can probably make her work on almost any comp. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw triple support as well, the fact that her bomb increases healing is huge and makes other supports that much more impactful.”

What do you think of Ana? Are you excited to play the character?

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Written by Luke Kerr

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