SDCC: Luke Cage Trailer Released

Luke Cage

Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Netflix’s Luke Cage is bad-ass. From the first beat of Ol’Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Ya” I found myself smiling as Cage (Mike Colter) metes out street justice.

The Luke Cage trailer finds its namesake a fugitive trying to rebuild his life while facing his dark past. In the trailer Cage battles his way through street thugs by using an SUV door as both a shield and a weapon. There is a hallway fight scene similar to the those Daredevil fans are familiar with. And Cage takes a whole lot of bullets to his impervious chest.

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Cage first appeared onscreen in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, but anyone hoping for her to make a cameo in the¬†trailer will be disappointed.

Check out the trailer and photos below? Then weigh in on Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage trailer in the comments!

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Written by Luke Kerr

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