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Must Read Solo Title of 2016 – Wonder Woman (Post DC Rebirth)

The Wonder Woman title spent the first half of Diana’s diamond jubilee in a state of disrepair.  The title received a major retooling courtesy of DC Rebirth under the guidance of writer Greg Rucka.  Rucka previously wrote a well-regarded run on Wonder Woman from 2003-2006.  During Rucka’s previous run Wonder Woman was a Madame Secretary-esque drama intertwined with super beings.

Rucka’s current run is vastly different, due to the title’s twice monthly shipping schedule, and the character’s direction since the New 52 started.  The odd issues (primarily illustrated by Liam Sharp) usually focus on Diana undertaking an ‘Odyssey’ like quest to uncover the truth about her past.   The even numbered issues (mostly penciled by Nicola Scott) feature Diana’s first encounter with Steve Trevor and her journey to the outside world.  Though the even and odd issues are telling separate stories there are overlapping characters and plot threads.  The Wonder Woman title ends 2016 on firmer ground and writer Greg Rucka confirming that Diana is queer.

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Honorable Mention – Faith (Valiant Comics)

Twenty Sixteen was the year of Faith at Valiant comics.  The character headlined or co-starred in three titles: Faith (a four issue mini-series), Faith (an ongoing series), and Harbinger: Renegades.  Faith’s ‘companion field’ is not her sole super power; she is a geek who is the heart and soul of her team (The Renegades).  The character also defies conventional super hero genre conventions.  Faith is a plus size super heroine who does not dwell on her body image.  Jody Houser, along with a variety of artists, chronicled Faith’s adventures in her mini-series and ongoing title; writer Rafer Roberts and veteran comic book artist Darick Robertson oversee Harbinger: Renegades.



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Written by Mo Walker

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