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Detective Comics
Photo Credit: DC Comics

Must Read Team Title of 2016 – Detective Comics (Post DC Rebirth)

Detective Comics transitioned from a solo Batman title to a ‘Team Batman’ title after DC Rebirth.  Team Batman’s initial line-up contains stalwarts from the 2000s like Tim Drake (Red Robin), Cassandra Cain (now called Orphan), and Stephanie Brown (Spoiler).  Rounding out the initial team is the Kate Kane version of Batwoman (introduced in 2006) and former villain Clayface.

On the surface Detective Comics appears to be just another Batman team-up title, but writer James Tynion IV quickly discourages that notion.  This is a team book that happens to feature Batman as one of the co-stars.  Detective Comics reads like a classic version of the Avengers, X-Men, or Teen Titans.  Everyone has their motives for being part of the team.  Tynion IV excels at making sure everyone has something to contribute and is not afraid of adding or taking pieces off the board.

All New X-Men
Photo Credit: Marvel

Honorable Mention – All New X-Men

All New X-Men is the strongest mutant team title currently being published by Marvel.  Writer Dennis Hopeless and regular penciller Mark Bagley do not allow the title to be hampered by the current status quo for mutants in the Marvel Universe.  This team of younger X-Men do not sit around constantly emoting about the dire fate of their species.  They are able to balance super heroics and a social life.

Unfortunately the All New X-Men are no longer footloose and fancy-free.  As 2016 comes to a close they are not part of the Inhumans vs X-Men crossover.


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Written by Mo Walker

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