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DC Universe Rebirth
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Must Read DC Comic of 2016 – DC Universe Rebirth #1

Twenty-sixteen did not ‘officially’ start for the DC until the publication of this magnum opus in May.  Geoff Johns’ final comic book script, for the foreseeable future, is not only a love letter to the DCU, but also a mea culpa. When the New 52 era started in 2011, DC’s continuity was (partially) rebooted and streamlined.  The editorial regime (which included Johns) stripped away many key relationships that had shaped the direction of DC’s universe for decades.

Though DC initially flourished at the start of the New 52 reboot, older readers felt as if there was something missing.  DC Rebirth corrected this mistake by reintroducing the Pre-New 52 version of Wally West.  Geoff Johns (along with an army of artists) produced a metatextual story that reawakens memories within various DC Universe characters, and readers’ love for DC Comics.  This comic successfully executed on reawaking the love of Pre-New 52 continuity while honoring the last five years.  Heading into 2017, DC Universe Rebirth #1 will continue to be a must read comic for individuals are interested in understanding the entirety of the DC Universe.

Photo Credit: DC Comics

Honorable Mention – Batman (Pre-and-Post DC Rebirth)

The bedrock of the DC Comics line during the New 52 era underwent a seismic upheaval when longer-term writer Scott Snyder and penciller Greg Capullo completed their run.

DC Rebirth allowed for a smooth transition to writer Tom King (The Vision) and co-artists David Finch and Mikel Janin.  Both writers (Scott Snyder and Tom King) co-wrote Batman: Rebirth #1.  Based on Tom King’s story arcs so far, Batman will continue to be at the center of events within the DC Universe.

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