Top 25 Image Comics of The Last 25 Years


No. 19: Fatale

First Published: January 2012

A supernatural noir title about a female immortal created by writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips. Fatale ran 24 issues and is available in digital and trade/hardcover formats. The success of Fatale lead to Brubaker and Phillips producing more titles for Image Comics. The pair are currently producing another crime thriller called Kill or Be Killed.


No. 18: Elephant Men

First Published: July 2006

A science fiction noir series about human/animal hybrids. Elephant Men is a spin-off of the Hip Flask series and is created by veteran comic letterer Richard Starkings. The title is currently being published by Image Comics (usually) on a bi-monthly basis.



Noble Causes

No. 17: Noble Causes

First Published: January 2002

Writer Jay Faerber’s superhero soap opera starring the Noble Family. Faerber’s series thrived on using nearly every soap opera plot ever devised. Noble Causes produced several volumes before ending in 2009. The series is available in digital and trade/hardcover formats.


Crimson, Danger Girl, Battle Chasers

No. 16: Cliffhanger Comics (Battle Chasers, Crimson and Danger Girl)

First Published:  March 1998 (Danger Girl) | April 1998 (Battle Chasers) | May 1998 (Crimson)

Cliffhanger Comics was a Wildstorm imprint that published creator owned titles produced by popular artists. The imprint’s first three titles were Battle Chasers, Crimson and Danger Girl. Battle Chasers was a fantasy series with anime influences created by former Uncanny X-Men artist Joe Madureira. Crimson was a supernatural/horror title that focused on a teenage vampire; the title was created by artist Humberto Ramos (Spider-Man) and Brian Augustyn (writer/editor of The Flash). Boom Studios recently republished all 24 issues of Crimson. Danger Girl was a Charlie’s Angels/Jame Bond hybrid created by artist J. Scott Campbell (Gen 13) and writer Andy Hartnell. In recent years IDW has been publishing issues of Danger Girl.  Issues 0-9 of Battle Chasers are available digitally.


The Maxx

No. 15: The Maxx

First Published: March 1993

Artist Sam Kieth and writer William Messner-Loebs’s title about a homeless superhero who functioned in two different realities. The Maxx ran for 35 issues; the entire series was reprinted by IDW in 2016. Thirteen episodes of The Maxx aired on MTV in 1995.

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Written by Mo Walker

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