Top 25 Image Comics of The Last 25 Years


No. 14: Saga

First Published: March 2012

Saga is a space opera written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. This critically acclaimed and Eisner Award winning comic primarily focuses on an interspecies family. The commercial success of Saga has breathed new life into Image’s trade paperback sales. Saga is currently being published by Image Comics.




No. 13: Witchblade (Ron Marz era)

First Published: November 2004

Witchblade was published through Marc Silvestri’s Top Cow imprint. The concept was co-created by Silvestri, Brian Haberlin, David Wohl and original series artist Michael Turner. Witchblade focuses on wearers of a sentient gauntlet that provides them with superpowers. The comic started in 1995 and primarily featured Detective Sara Pezzini.  Former Green Lantern writer Ron Marz took over in 2004 with issue 80. Marz’s first run on the title lasted until issue 151; he returned to the series for issues 170-185. Witchblade has been adapted into a television series on TNT and an anime/manga series. NBC recently greenlight a new Witchblade pilot. The Ron Marz issues are available digitally through Comixology.


No. 12: Invincible

First Published: January 2003

Invincible is Robert Kirkman’s uber violent superhero comic starring Mark Grayson, a young superhuman who is half human/alien. Initially the comic was drawn by co-creator Cory Walker, but artist Ryan Ottley has drawn the bulk of the series. Invincible is currently being published through Image; the comic is slated to end with issue 144.



No. 11: Stormwatch (Warren Ellis era)

First Published: March 1993 (Volume 1) | October 1993 (Volume 2)

Part of the Wildstorm imprint, Stormwatch underwent a massive shake-up when writer Warren Ellis took over with issue thirty-seven. This book’s influence lead to the creation of The Authority (after Wildstorm was purchased by DC Comics) and influenced Marvel Comic’s Ultimate line.  The Ellis era of Stormwatch lasted from issues 30-50 of volume one and the entire second volume.  Warren Ellis will be relaunching the Wildstorm imprint in 2017 beginning with The Wild Storm.


No. 10: Gen 13

First Published: February 1994 (Volume 1 mini-series) |  March 1995 (Volume 2 ongoing series)

Gen 13 was Wildstorm’s premiere team of superpowered teenagers throughout the 1990s. The title was co-created by Jim Lee, Brandon Choi and artist J. Scott Campbell. Gen 13 was known for its exploitative cheese-cake illustrations. Image published the series until Wildstorm was purchased by DC Comics. Subsequent volumes have been released through DC’s Wildstorm imprint.

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Written by Mo Walker

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