Top 25 Image Comics of The Last 25 Years


The Walking Dead

No. 5: The Walking Dead

First Published: October 2003

Writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore’s zombie apocalypse comic about a group of survivors is currently one of Image’s longest running titles. Though it was co-created by artist Tony Moore, artist Charlie Adlard has drawn the majority of this title. Part of The Walking Dead’s appeal are the characters that Kirkman, Moore and Adlard have introduced. Michone a deadly katana wielding woman was introduced in issue nineteen. Throughout the series human antagonists like The Governor, Negan and The Whisperers have proven to be more deadly than the zombies.

Robert Kirkman was named an Image Partner in 2008, thanks to the success of The Walking Dead and his other Image title Invincible. Kirkman was the first individual to achieve this status since the company started. The Walking Dead has conquered other media including television and video games. AMC produces two series based on the comic: The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead.

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Written by Mo Walker

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