10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

Go for the Green

“Go for the Green” is the fourth episode of Power Rangers RPM, the 17th season of the franchise, and it revolves around the character of Ziggy (Milo Cawthorne).

He is a former mobster, who now aids the rangers and is providing our heroes with potential candidates to try out to become the Green Ranger. Scott (Eka Darville, Jessica Jones), Summer (Rose McIver, iZombie), and the rest of the Rangers are unimpressed until a woman, named Tenaiya (Adelaide Kane, Reign) walks in and wows them with her prowess. They agree that she should be the candidate, and Ziggy goes home to get the Green morpher. On his way back to the audition spot, Tenaiya reveals herself as Tenaiya 7, an evil human cyborg and attacks Ziggy. Despite Dillon (Dan Ewing), the Black RPM Ranger’s best efforts, he can’t hold her off alone, so in an effort to protect the morpher, Ziggy bonds with it himself, becoming the Green RPM ranger. Together, they save the day.

This episode is all about the comedic relief becoming the unlikely hero. Ziggy was known for being a weasel in the mafia, and part of this episode deals with the fallout of that life. However, his friendship with Dillon and his desire to protect the morpher from evil win out in the end, making this episode so great.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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