10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

Green with Evil

I couldn’t do a recommendations list without including the five-episode story arc that helped put Power Rangers on the map and introduced us to the character of Tommy. These episodes jam so many character moments involving the Rangers being defeated at every turn, that it really gives the actors a lot to work with. Both Austin St. John and Amy Jo Johnson consistently find themselves giving performances where they convey the internal conflict of having to face an acquaintance, as opposed to a monster. Jason David Frank makes his acting debut and cements himself in Power Rangers lore, as one of their most popular characters.

The Evil Green Ranger arc gives the audience more clues into Rita and Zordon’s past battles, while diving into the functionality of Zordon’s time warp, the spells of Rita, and Rita’s dark dimension. It all comes together, making the television show feel like a cinematic experience.

You can find the first 23 seasons of Power Rangers on Netflix, or you can purchase them on DVD from Shout! Factory.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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