10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

Trouble by the Slice

If I am ever having a bad day and the world seems like it’s all too much, I might find myself turning on this episode in particular, because it is guaranteed to make me laugh. Now, granted, Power Rangers itself can be absurd. It can be downright silly. Those sentiments should be taken into account for how far this episode pushes that envelope into coming out the other side into genuine humor. This episode is the 22nd episode of Power Rangers Turbo, the fifth season in the Power Rangers franchise.

“Trouble by the Slice” dealt with a reality that had been looming over the course of the season, the character of Justin (Blake Foster). Justin is the Blue Turbo Ranger, but more importantly, Justin is a child. You see, he was given the powers of the Blue Turbo Ranger during Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, when he stumbled upon to the rangers secret while Rocky (Steve Cardenas) was battling a back injury sustained during a training session. In the show, he was allowed to take a test to prove his intellect and advanced to 9th grade, surpassing all of his elementary school peers. He, and the Green Turbo Ranger, Carlos (Roger Velasco), come across some kids playing soccer in the park, and they begin to play together. Afterward, Carlos takes them all out for pizza, where we find the main villain of the season, Divatox (Hillary Sheppard Turner), with amnesia, working in the kitchen of Mad Mike’s, a pizza shop in Angel Grove.

The side villains of the season decide to make Mad Mike’s mascot into a monster to attack the rangers, which forces Justin and Carlos to leave. As they leave Justin remarks about how for a second, he forgot that he was a Power Ranger. Putting aside the idea that Justin is essentially a child soldier in a battle for the safety of the Earth for one second, all five of the rangers confront the monster, also named Mad Mike, and Mad Mike throws exploding pizzas at them. He also throws pizzas onto the wheels of their sentient cars, Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, controlling them. Mad Mike, then throws them into a “colossal cooker,” where he tops them with pizza ingredients, and bakes them alive into a giant pizza. I want you to reread that sentence again. The Power Rangers were baked into a giant pizza. It’s one of those moments in life when you watch something so incredibly dumb, that it manages to come out the other side and be fantastic.

The day is eventually saved, thanks to the wacky antics of The Blue Senturion (David Walsh), but this episode will forever be beloved in the hearts of Power Ranger fans for Mad Mike and the colossal cooker.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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