10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

The Samurai’s Journey

“The Samurai’s Journey” is a multi-episode series that takes place over the 16th, 17th, and 18th episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Storm, the 11th season of the franchise.

The story revolves around Cam (Jason Chan), a tech genius during this season and his desire to transcend that role and become a Ranger. His father (Grant McFarland), who… yes, he has been turned into a talking guinea pig, disapproves out of a need to protect him. However, when the Rangers during this season lose their powers, Cam has to use The Scroll of Time in order to retrieve the Samurai Amulet in order to save the day.

While back in time, he encounters his father and late mother (Rosanne Liang)’s younger selves training at the Ninja School that his father now runs in the present, as well as his father’s brother. Cam eventually has to ask for the amulet that hangs from his mother’s neck and defeat his uncle, who is revealed to be Lothor (Grant McFarland in a double role), the main villain of the season.

Cam uses the Scroll of Time to return to the present and uses the amulet to become the Green Samurai Ranger. The third part is kind of a plot of the day, that is really irrelevant to the first two episodes, but this mini-arc highlights a literary trope of “the hero’s journey,” in a refreshing, new way. Through learning about Cam’s family, he learns about the sacrifices his father has made in protecting him, and while respecting those sacrifices, he forges his own path and chooses his own destiny.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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