10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

Instrument of Destruction

“Instrument of Destruction is the 12th episode of Power Rangers Zeo, the fourth season of the franchise, and it revolves around the characters of Adam and Skull.

Teachers lament that Adam’s class schedule isn’t well-rounded enough, so they place him in a classical music class, where he comes across a talented phantom pianist. Before he can find out who he is, Adam is attacked by Cogs, the footsoldiers for the season, as the villains, the Machine Empire, are looking to capture the pianist, in order to have him play for Queen Machina (Alex Borstein)’s birthday.

The pianist is revealed to be Skull, one of the comedy relief bullies, who doesn’t want Adam to tell anyone that he likes classical piano out of fear of being made fun of for it. Adam helps Skull realize his own talent, and by the end of the episode, Skull is playing in front of a crowd that includes his best friend, Bulk, and it ends in a standing ovation, with everyone being happy for Skull.

This episode isn’t necessarily super exciting from an action perspective, but the message of it and how the message interacts with the characters creates a beautiful message telling the viewers to not mind what people think.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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