10 Must Watch Power Rangers Episodes

A Friend in Need

Speaking of crossovers, this three episode arc was the beginning of season three of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It also was the backdoor pilot for the show, Saban’s Masked Rider, a show that detailed Prince Dex (TJ Roberts), a warrior from the distant and embattled planet called Edenoi (Yes… Alpha 5’s home planet) and his journey to protect Earth from evil.

Kimberly is sick with the flu, so five of the rangers go and investigate the troubles on Edenoi, where they meet Dex and his friends. Dex can call upon a power source on his belt to become the Masked Rider (based on the Japanese television series Kamen Rider and their ninth iteration, Kamen Rider Black RX), and together, they hold off his forces for now. Meanwhile, Kimberly is forced to fight one of Lord Zedd (Ed Neil, as voiced by Robert Axelrod)’s monsters, while battling the flu. She subsequently gives the monster a cold, and the rangers come back in the nick of time to save the day.

The Kimberly storyline is not as important, as what the Masked Rider storyline means in the scheme of things. Given that Dex leaves Edenoi at the end of the episode and heads to Earth, that implies that there are two evil factions, Zedd and Rita, and Count Dregon (Ken Merckx) attacking Earth at the same time. Furthermore, this is a world-building moment that grounds the short-lived Masked Rider show’s mythos into Power Rangers history.

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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