On this week’s Geek Confidential Luke Kerr, Mo Walker and Dan Pearce are joined by Duane and Casie Eckholm to discuss Game of Thrones’ “The Spoils of War” episode.

From the Dany, the Dothraki and Drogon to Arya’s reunion with Sansa at Winterfell they discuss it all.

Duane shares his excitement for the latest Hearthstone expansion: Kings of the Frozen Throne.

Luke, Dan and Mo dive into the latest Berlantiverse news before turning to major acquisitions and announcements in the world of streaming services.

Mo discusses Batman vs. Two Face, Jonathan Hickman’s thoughts on the Fantastic Four comic not being published and Robert Kirman’s development deal with Amazon.

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  • DarrylWDC

    Luke, and I say this with love, you need to have either Jamey Giddens or Melodie present when you discuss Game of Thrones. Dany’s not a strategist? REALLY? She intentionally drove Drogon to break through the Lannister army line, destroy the loot train, kill Lannister troops without harming any of her Dothraki, and took out that damn Scorpion when she needed to. She did a whole lot better than my favorite character Tyrion, the man who won the Battle of Blackwater Bay but allowed the Unsullied to walk into a trap. Your Dany hating wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so irrational. Give her some props. As she said to Jon in the next episode, “I have fewer enemies than I had yesterday.” HA! Bend the knee Luke Kerr before you get that Tarley Special. 🙂