Top 20 Black Superheroes

Photo Credit: DC Comics

No. 11: Static (Virgil Hawkins) – Milestone Comics (DC Comics’ imprint)

Milestone Comics most popular character was a contemporary teenage superhero in the mold of Spider-Man; Virgil Hawkins first appeared in Static #1 (1993). Virgil was accidently caught up in a police sting operation on local gangs the night he decided to confront a school bully. During the operation police released a toxin that mutated or killed the individuals who were exposed. Virgil gained electromagnetic abilities and decided to become a superhero. Over the years Static teamed up with other heroes from the imprint: Hardwire, Icon and Rocket. Virgil joined an aptly named superteam called Heroes, but the title only lasted for six issues.  

Static lasted for 45 issues before concluding in 1997. A four issue mini-series (Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool) was released in 2001. The comic coincided with the Static Shock cartoon series that aired on the WB from 2000-2004. Static was integrated into the mainstream DC in 2008 (Terror Titans #3); he joined the Teen Titans for a bit prior to the New 52 relaunch in 2011. When the New 52 revamp occurred, Virgil received a new title Static Shock which lasted for eight issues.  During New York Comic Con 2017 a new Static series was announced; the title is expected to start in 2018.

First Appearance: Static #1 (1993)

Powers: Manipulated electromagnetic energy which he uses to levitate objects, project energy blasts and create electromagnetic fields.

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Written by Mo Walker

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