Top 20 Black Superheroes

Photo Credit: DC Comics

No. 18: Aqualad (Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’ahm) – DC Comics

The Human/Atlantean son of Aquaman’s nemesis Black Manta was raised on the surface and was ignorant of his legacy. Prior to the New 52 relaunch in 2011, Kaldur’ahm first appeared in Brightest Day #4 (2010). Upon learning about his parentage, Aqualad teamed-up with Aquaman to defeat Black Manta who had murdered Kaldur’s adopted father. Kaldur also possess hydrokinesis, the ability to manipulate and shape water and bio-electric blasts. He can survive underwater like other Atlanteans. Aqualad has not been utilized much since the New 52 relaunch occurred; he joined the Teen Titans in issue #6 (Mach 2017). Kaldur’ahm appeared on Cartoon Network’s Young Justice; he served as the team leader in season one.

First Appearance: Brightest Day #4 (2010)

Powers: Can survive underwater, has enhanced strength and durability. Aqualad can swim at superhuman speeds; he is hydrokinetic and can generate bio-electric blasts.  

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Written by Mo Walker

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