Top 20 Black Superheroes

Photo Credit: DC Comics

No. 15: Mr. Terrific II (Michael Holt) – DC Comics

A man driven to intellectual and physical perfection, Michael Holt was a former Olympic athlete and is considered one of the smartest individuals in the DC Universe. Michael Holt made his first appearance in The Spectre #54 (1997). Things took a downward turn for Holt when his wife and unborn child were killed. Michael’s grief lead him to consider suicide but he was stopped by a supernatural being known as The Spectre. Holt learned about the World War II crimefighter Mr. Terrific and decided to take up the mantle. Mr. Terrific II joined the Justice Society of America and eventually became their chairman.

Holt’s signature piece of technology was his T-Spheres; the T-Spheres can hack machinery, create force fields, and help individuals levitate. Mr. Terrific received an ongoing series at the start of the New 52 in 2011. After that series ended the character migrated to Earth-2, Earth-2: World’s End and the New 52 Futures End. In 2017, Mr. Terrific appeared in the Batman-centric event Dark Knight’s Metal. Holt is slated to co-star in a new series called The Terrifics in 2018.  Mr. Terrific appeared on the animated series Justice League Unlimited. A version of the character (Curtis Holt) joined the cast of Arrow in season four working at Palmer Technology. Holt was accidentally drafted onto Team Arrow and became Mr. Terrific in season five.

First Appearance: The Spectre #54 (1997)

Powers: One of the smartest men in the DC Universe, versed in multiple fighting techniques. Mr. Terrific’s technology makes him invisible to all forms of electronic surveillance.

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Written by Mo Walker

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