GC #79: Best & Worst of 2018/2019 TV Season

The Geek Confidential crew is back to reveal their picks for the Best & Worst of the 2018/2019 TV Season in geek. Join Luke Kerr, Melodie Aikels, Dan Pearce and Mo Walker as they reveal picks for their annual summer podcast.

Be sure to share your picks for Best & Worst of the 2018/2019 TV Season in the comments below!

Breakout star or character: 

Every Hero Needs a Sidekick (Best Sidekick):

Biggest Frak Up: 

Most angsty or annoying character): 

Kick dat ass! (Best Fight Scene):

Um, what just happened?: My DVR is full and I can’t catch up! (which show are you way behind on?): 

That’s Cold, Captain Cold! (Cut Throat Character Of the Season):

The Sansa Stark Award, otherwise known as Best Character of the Season: 

The Night King Cometh (Best Villain of Season):

Best Animated Series or TV Movie (optional):    

Best New Show of the Season: 

Best Series and/or Season Finale: 

Worst Show of the Season: 

Best Show of the Season:  

The Forever Olicity Award, otherwise known as Best Couple of the Season: 

I Can’t, I Just Can’t aka I took it off my DVR:

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