Hulu Drops Marvel’s Runaways Teaser and Announces Premiere Date

Darkness is surrounding…

Photo Credit: Hulu

If you loved Season 1 and Season two of Marvel’s Runaways get ready to suit up. Hulu dropped the first teaser trailer for Runways’ Season 3 at New York Comic-Con and boy does it deliver.

The teaser opens with Morgan le Fay, portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley, warning Nico (Lyrica Okano) to stop fighting the dark and quickly sets up the third season premise.  A fourth member of the magistrate’s family, more dangerous than the others, is loose and one of the teens could be its host.

The Season 3 action-packed trailer features a lot of impressive CGI, but also hints at what has always been Runaways’ biggest strength: the teens’ relationship as they fight for each another. In Season 3 the Runaways search for Chase (Greg Sulkin), Gert (Ariela Barer) and Karolina (Virginia Gardner) while facing an unstoppable enemy.

The trailer ends with a tease of the Runaways/Cloak and Dagger crossover coming in the 10-episode season. Runaways’ crossover with Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger, starring Olivia Holt (Cloak) and Aubrey Joseph (Dagger), was first announced in August.

One thing the trailer is short on details regarding is how the Runaways’ parental characters factor into the season. Unlike many Young Adult (YA) TV series, the parents’ storylines often occupy nearly as much screen time as the teens.

Season 3 of Marvel’s Runaways premieres on December 13 on Hulu.

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Written by Luke Kerr

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