Disney Plus Passes 10 Million Sign-Ups

Photo Credit: Disney

The Mouse House announced its new streaming platform Disney Plus has passed the 10 million sign-ups benchmark, according to Deadline.

The streaming service enters a crowded field with competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime already well-entrenched in consumer’s minds and a host of streaming platforms such as Britbox, WoW Presents Plus and Crunchyroll providing niche content. Not to mention every broadcast, cable and premium cable network that has its own streaming service.

Unlike some of those other services, Disney Plus elbows its way into consumer consciousness with the vast Disney/Pixar vault of content, the strength of its Marvel cinematic behemoth, the intense fandom of its Star Wars content, and countless hours of National Geographic content. That doesn’t even include much of the recently acquired Fox properties whose content and channels is split between Disney Plus and Mickey’s other streaming platform Hulu. Speaking of Hulu, Disney is offering Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN in a single package, which only expands its impressive reach.

There is also the question of whether will consumers will abandon Netflix for Disney Plus when Disney content is pulled from Netflix ion January 1, 2020. Or has Netflix become so engrained that Disney Plus and Netflix will both feel “necessary” to consumers? Netflix surely hopes so.  

One of the most anticipated originals to premiere on Disney Plus was the Star Wars based The Mandalorian, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, it wasn’t just new content viewers were interested. Geek Confidential’s own Melodie Aikels gushed about reuniting with her favorite Disney and X-Men cartoons on Twitter.

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Are you one of the 10 million plus Disney Plus sign-ups? If so, did you subscribe or are you taking advantage of one of the trials? What do you think of Disney Plus? Is something from the Disney vault you’d hoped would be available, but isn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Luke Kerr

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