Sense8 and Treadstone Star Brian J. Smith Talks Growing Up Gay in Texas

Photo Credit: Netflix

You’ve seen Brian J. Smith play Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe for Syfy.  You’ve watched him as Chicago police officer Will Gorski on Netflix’s Sense8. He currently stars in USA’s Bourne spinoff Treadstone, as sleeper agent Doug McKenna.   

Now the TV star is coming out as gay in the December issue of Attitude. In the interview he shares what it was like to grow up being gay in suburban Texas.

“Forget about any LGBTQ union or groups. There was absolutely nothing. I was completely alone. I heard all the names: pussy, faggot.”

“I could never be who I was. I was constantly having to check myself and make sure I wasn’t looking at someone too long or making someone feel uncomfortable.

Smith shares how, during his school years, he found an escape on his school’s stage and how his family reacted when he came out to them at age 30.

Read the entire interview at Attitude and watch Smith in USA’s Treadstone.

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Written by Luke Kerr

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