Top 5 Things We’re Thankful For (Right Now) in Geek TV

Photo Credit: The CW

From Game of Thrones to His Dark Materials 2019 has featured a number of standout villains, but one who is overlooked and deserves much more credit than he receives is Black Lightning’s Bill Duke as Agent Percy Odell.

The unease, fear and terror Duke’s Agent Odell can incite through silence, the twitch of his lip or a single command is hard to match. On many shows Agent Odell’s manipulation of the Pierce family members could easily come across as mustache twirling. Instead, Duke imbues Odell with compassion, understanding a logic with Anissa (Nafessa Williams) in one scene and in the next use Anissa and Jennifer’s (China Anne McClain) safety against their father without anyone being any the wiser.

Every week Bill Duke teaches a master class on Black Lightning and we’re thankful we signed up for his course.  

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