Baby Yoda Merchandise Officially Available

Photo Credit: Funko, Disney Plus

Buy it, you must!

Baby Yoda, a character from the Disney Plus hit series, The Mandalorian (2019), has taken the pop culture world by storm in just a few short weeks. Due to the timeline of the series, the short green creature is not actually Baby Yoda himself, but a species just like the Jedi Master. In the series, the character is only known as “The Child”.

CNN reports Disney has finally made official Baby Yoda merchandise available just time for Christmas. Disney had previously but a ban on selling anything with Baby Yoda’s likeness. Clothes with “The Child’s” image are ready for purchase at Shop Disney and Walmart. You can also pre-order an 11″ plush toy from Shop Disney.

Will you be scooping up any Baby Yoda goodies in the near future?

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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