Christoper Nolan’s Tenet Trailer Released

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

The wait is finally over. The first trailer for Tenet, the new film from The Dark Knight and Inception director Christopher Nolan, has been released. There has been quite a bit of mystery behind the plot and even character names, but the footage reveals there is more than meets the eye to the movie.

John David Washington, the son of acting icon Denzel Washington, stars alongside Robert Pattinson and veteran actor Michael Caine. In the trailer, Washington’s character is seen being put through the ringer. After seemingly being given some kind of capsule which makes him foam from the mouth and faint, he awakens in a different space. Martin Donovan’s character welcomes him to the “afterlife”.

In the afterlife, time works differently. There is a scene where a car crashes and begins to roll, only to reverse course and land right side up. Later, Pattinson’s character wonder’s what has happened in a room where the glass wall is riddled with bullets. Washington’s character replies “It hasn’t happened yet.” Time travel is a definite possibility in this sci-fi thriller.

See the complete trailer below! Tenet hits theaters July 17, 2020.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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