Marvel Comics’ Strange Academy is a New School of Magic and Mischief

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

With Hogwarts firmly in the grasp of Warner Bros., Marvel Comics will open their own school of magic in pages of Strange Academy (March 2020). According to an Associated Press , Strange Academy will take place in New Orleans’ French Quarter and focus on teenagers endowed with mystical abilities. The school’s faculty will include Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) stalwarts Dr. Stephen Strange, Scarlet Witch, and the Ancient One.

Marvel’s website names additional faculty members: Brother Voodoo, Daimon Hellstrom, and the mutant teleporting demonic sorceress Magik. By the time Strange Academy gets underway perhaps the wider public will be familiar with some of the non-MCU faculty members. Hulu is currently developing a Hellstrom (minus a ‘l’) streaming series. Magik is slated to make her theatrical debut if the chronically delayed New Mutants film is ever released – currently April 3, 2020 per IMDB.

Strange Academy‘s writer is Skottie Young. He has worked on numerous creator owned and corporate own titles, to include Rocket Raccoon and Deadpool. Longtime Spider-Man artist Humberto Ramos will provide pencils. Both creators are used to working on titles featuring teen characters. In addition to writing, Young has also illustrated a number of comics. Young’s style lends itself to material that would appear to skew younger. He has worked on titles featuring younger protagonists: New X-Men (teen era in the mid-2000s), and various Wizard of Oz adaptations for Marvel. Ramos’ tenure on teen-related comics goes back to the mid-1990s. He drew Impulse, a title starring the grandson of Barry Allen’s Flash and Iris West-Allen, at DC Comics and more recently Champions for Marvel Comics.

Strange Academy is slated to start in March 2020, and should be available to purchase through your local comic shop (especially if you pre-order) or online via Comixology.

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Written by Mo Walker

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