Mortal Kombat to Hit Theaters Earlier


The new Mortal Kombat reboot is now set to debut 7 weeks earlier than expected, according to Deadline. Warner Bros. has pushed up the release to January 15th, 2021. The newest incarnation of Mortal Kombat follows the two previous cheesy but fun 90’s sequels.

The Conjuring and Aquaman director, James Wan, is producing the action film. Simon Mcquid, a relative newcomer, will be taking the reigns as director. The popular video game turned live action movie is currently in production in South Austrailia. From the film’s IMDB page, it looks like classic characters such as Liu Kang (Ludi Lin) and Raiden (Tadanobu Asano) are part of the cast.

The latest video game, Mortal Kombat 11, has been performing well since it’s release.

Will it be a “Flawless Victory” for the reboot? Only time will tell.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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