FX’s Atlanta Return Delayed Until 2021

Fans of the award wining FX comedy starring Donald Glover will need to keep a candle in the window a bit longer. According to a report from Deadline, FX Network Chairman John Landgraf announced that Season 3 of Atlanta would not air until 2021 during a Television Critics Association (TCA) Winter Press Tour session. Fans of Atlanta should be used to extended delays. Nearly 16 months passed between the Season 1 finale and Season 2 premiere.

Even though Landgraf was unable to reveal when the series would return in 2021, he offered a tidbit about episode totals. The third season would contain 10 episodes, and 8 episodes for the previously ordered fourth season. The FX Chairman also mentioned the production team planned on shooting both seasons back-to-back. Landgraf hopes scheduling would permit both seasons to air in 2021.

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Written by Mo Walker

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