Secret Cinema Partners With Disney to Create Immersive Experiences

Photo Credit: Disney

Secret Cinema, a London based company which specializes in immersive experiences, has just partnered with Disney to give a few of the studios films a new life per The Hollywood Reporter.

The deal will extend to several films, but no specifics have been mentioned at the moment. Secret Cinema will work with Disney’s StudioLAB to research which movies will be the perfect fit for the project. With Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and 20th Century Fox, the possibilities are endless.

The first experience is set to debut in London later this year. The others are expected to be released in Los Angeles and New York. Past Secret Cinema experiences have been conducted in large spaces with live actors and audience participation.

Alien, Blade Runner and current Disney property Star Wars have all been given the Secret Cinema treatment in the past. Could the Avengers be next?

Which Disney films would you like to see Secret Cinema take on?

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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