Black Lightning Unveils Image of Wayne Brady’s Character

Wayne Brady, one of the hardest working men in show biz, isn’t looking to play let’s make a deal when he arrives in Freeland during the February 10th episode of CW’s Black Lightning (“The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four”).

In a first look image provided by Entertainment Weekly, the comedian and game show host is dressed as a heavily armed Markovian soldier. This is not the actor’s first genre role; he recurred on on USA Network’s Colony and appeared on Stargate: SG1.

Brady’s character Tyson Sykes (aka Gravedigger) is a World War II veteran who defected to Markovia, and is fighting for a metahuman homeland. Sykes looks quite jacked for someone pushin’ at least one-hundred. Perhaps Sykes either used an Infinity Stone to sample some of Captain America’s super soldier serum, or the longevity formula given to Tobias Whale (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III).

Multiple characters have used the Gravedigger moniker in DC Comics. Brady is portraying a variation on the Tyson Sykes character who appeared in volume two of DC’s espionage title Checkmate. It is ironic that Black Lightning is borrowing from Checkmate. The comic primarily dealt with metahuman politics on a global scale, one of Black Lightning Season 3’s major themes.

Do you believe Brady’s Gravedigger can hold his own against the Pierces? Or will he dig his own grave. Post your thoughts below.

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Written by Mo Walker

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