Crypt TV Aims for a “Marvel for Monsters”

Photo Credit: Crypt TV

What do you do if you’re a content creator when you see the success of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe? If you’re Crypt TV founders Jack Davis and Eli Roth you launch your own universe of monster series.

Since 2015 Crypt TV has premiered a series of shows, including Snapchat’s Murder Mystery, Slice of Summer, The Look-See, Sunny Family Cult and The Thing in the Apartment and Facebook Watch’s The Birch.

People caught up with Crypt TV CCO Kate Krantz who talked about their characters and series and how they want to create a “Marvel for monsters.”

“We want to build new characters in the scary space that are iconic and live forever, and one day can be among the ranks of Frankenstein,” says Krantz, 28. “And we are excited to be cultivating a new rank of monsters that are speaking to a young audience, and empowering them in their own life. Characters that can become a part of their identity and influence them on the path to good, whatever that is in their own minds.”

According to People, The Birch’s first 14 episodes were watched 34 million times.

Have you watched The Birch or one of Crypt TV’s other shows? Did you love them or hate them? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Luke Kerr

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