FX’s Y Loses Series Lead

Photo Credit: FX

FX needs to solve for Y. Collider reports that Barry Keoghan lead actor in the network’s adaptation of Y: The Last Man has departed. The show (titled Y) is based on writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra’s 60 issue comic series published through DC’s Vertigo imprint.

Keoghan was slated to portray Yorick Brown, the only person who survived a plague that wiped out everyone with a Y chromosome. Yorick must navigate a post-male world overseen by women. Accompanying Yorick is his pet Ampersand, a Capuchin monkey and the only other surviving male creature.

Y has experienced other hiccups prior to Keoghan’s departure. The series languished in development for years and lost its previous showrunners Aïda Mashaka Croal and Michael Green. Eliza Clark, an executive producer on TNT’s Animal Kingdom, currently oversees Y.

Fan of the comic series Y: The Last Man? If so, post below who you believe should be cast as the new Yorick Brown.

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Written by Mo Walker

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