Loki’s Tom Hiddleston Joins Netflix’s White Stork Political Thriller

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Who said there’s a rivaly between Disney Plus and Netflix? Not Tom Hiddleston.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the talented actor has joined the cast of Netlfix’s White Stork. Reportedly, the 10 episode political thriller was created by Christopher Dunlop and will be directed by Kristoffer Nyholm.

Hiddleston will portray James Cooper, an aspiring politician. The series is described as,

When James Cooper (Hiddleston) is selected to run for a seat in parliament, Asher Millan is sent to vet him for primetime. But she quickly uncovers potentially damaging secrets buried deep in James’ past. Secrets that will threaten to blow everything apart — his career, his marriage, even the powerful people backing his campaign. White Stork is a political thriller about the paradox of truth in a post-truth world.

Hiddleston’s Disney Plus series Loki is set to premiere later this year.

So maybe Disney Plus and Netflix can co-exist after all.

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Written by Luke Kerr

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