NBCUniversal Adds Theatrical Releases to On Demand

Photo Credit: Universal

NBCUniversal is coming up with a new way to get it’s theatrical releases out to the public. The studio is sending a few of it’s current in theater movies to On Demand. Films such as The Hunt, The Invisible Man, Emma and Trolls World Tour are all available for rent On Demand effective immediately per The Hollywood Reporter.

This is an almost unprecedented move for any studio. Horror film The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss has had a decent showing at the box office since it’s Feb. 28th debut. The Hunt was only released this past Friday! Trolls World Tour was set to debut in April! The films are available for rent for 48 hours at a $19.99 price point.

The On Demand shift is absolutely due to the Coronavirus pandemic limiting the ability for theaters to be open! NBCUniversal may be a bit ahead of the game moving their films to On Demand as many people will be home for a fixed amount of time.

No word on if other movies could make the move from a major theatrical release to On Demand, but anything is in the realm of possibility.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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