Is it Time for a Buffy/Angel Reboot? Charisma Carpenter Seems to Think So.

The CW has been reboot, continuation and reimagination happy for years now. 

Charmed got a reboot by the same name. Roswell got a reboot with Roswell: New Mexico. The Vampire Diaries had a spinoff with The Originals that itself created a spinoff Legacies. An entire Arrowverse of shows was built on the shoulders of Arrow. La Femme Nikita was reimagined as Nikita. It’s iconic Gilmore Girls received a continuation, not at The CW, but on Netflix and Gossip Girl is getting a reboot at HBO Max.

However, there’s one mega-popular franchise that hasn’t been revived and at least one star of the franchise doesn’t understand why. Which franchise might that be and which star thinks this should be fixed? Why the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel franchise and the original cast member of both shows, Charisma Carpenter, is the actress in question.

In a retweet of a People Magazine post about the Saved by the Bell reboot, Charisma Carpenter replied,

Sheesh, EVERY single show except Buffy / Angel get a Reboot, revival, whatever you call it, with the OG cast.

Our shows ( Buffy / Angel ) are legendary, STILL thriving on streamers. Ya’d think we could give the fans what they want. *sigh*

Key cast members from the Buffy and Angel TV series have gone on to great success.  Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in a string of movies and TV shows. Post Angel, Carpenter starred in Greek, The Lying Game, Veronica Mars and countless others.  David Boreanaz has basically gone from one successful TV show to the next with Buffy, Angel, Bones and now stars in SEAL Team on CBS. Alyson Hannigan starred in the long-running comedy How I Met Your Mother. James Marsters has worked consistently with roles in Torchwood, Capria, Smallville, Warehouse 13, Marvel’s Runaways and Hawaii Five-0. Amy Acker starred in or appeared on Dollhouse, Person of Interest and The Gifted.

How many of the actors would be available if the stars were to align for a Buffy/Angel universe reboot is an open question, but what isn’t is the desire of a lot of fans for the return of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Co.

Would you like to see a Buffy or Angel reboot? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Luke Kerr

Founder and host of Geek Confidential and Daytime Confidential.

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