Say What?! Police in Louisiana Use The Purge Siren at Curfew

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What the ever living…

Amidst the coronavirus that has upended nearly every aspect of American life comes a story no one wants to read.

According to KATC, Crowley Louisiana Police drove around Acadia Parish using the alarm siren from The Purge franchise to signal the 9 PM curfew.

The channel published a video in which you can hear the identifiable siren from The Purge.

Acadia Parish Sheriff, K.P. Gibson issued a statement the day after clarifying that it was not the Sheriff’s Office, but the Crowley Police that used the siren.

“Last night a ”Purge Siren” was utilized by the Crowley Police Department as part of their starting curfew. We have received numerous complaints with the belief that our agency was involved in this process. We were not involved in the use of the “Purge Siren” and will not utilize any type of siren for this purpose. Calls regarding this matter should be directed to the Crowley Police / Chief Broussard and not the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

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Written by Luke Kerr

Founder and host of Geek Confidential and Daytime Confidential.

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