Justice League The Snyder Cut Set for HBO Max

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Ask and ye shall receive! Justice League The Snyder Cut will finally see the light of day on HBOMax in 2021, per The Hollywood Reporter!

For years, Fanboys and girls have been lighting a candle in a window for director Zack Snyder‘s original cut of 2017’s Justice League to be released. Snyder suddenly dropped out of the project after a family emergency, and Joss Whedon finished the film.

Justice League is considered a disappointment for both fans and critics alike. It’s box office numbers were sluggish at best.

Rumor has it The Snyder Cut is darker and better than the final Justice League cut. Snyder is currently putting the finishing touches on the almost 4 hour film. Several actors may even be brought in to add additional dialogue. Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck have all shown support in the past to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.

Well geeks, wishes do come true!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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