Wonder Woman’s Twin Sister Nubia Gets Graphic Novel

Photo Credit: Robyn Smith/DC

The story of Wonder Woman‘s twin sister is finally about to be told in a stand alone medium. Nubia: Real One is set to be the newest graphic novel from DC, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Nubia first appears in Wonder Woman No. 204 way back in 1973. Queen Hippolyta formed Diana and Nubia out of the same mold of clay. The ancient gods gave life to both of them. However, Nubia was kidnapped and grew up without her twin. No one ever told Diana of Nubia’s existence. Nubia rarely appears in the Wonder Woman comic over the years.

L.L. McKinney is bringing the novel to life, and Robyn Smith will handle the artwork. McKinney is a huge fan of Nubia and expresses her excitement about the new project. She states “I’ve been a fan since pretty much birth, and I’ve watched her get moved around and appear in various iterations, none of them touching me the same way her original one had. I mean, this was Wonder Woman’s twin sister, just as strong, just as fast, if not stronger and faster. And she was black! So, I added her in to my pitch for the other project. I guess something about her stuck out to the team because they emailed me and essentially asked for a pitch about Nubia.”

Artist Smith added “Working [with McKinney] has been great, especially since our artistic objectives seem to be the same: all Black everything. In Nubia, I wanted to focus my illustrations on creating something both light and emotionally resonant.”

The graphic novel will hit shelves on Feb. 2, 2021!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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