Jordan Peele and Issa Rae Join Forces for Spooky Film Sinkhole

Photo Credit: Warner Entertainment, HBO

Jordan Peele is not showing any signs of slowing down. The suspense and horror director is joining forces with Issa Rae for his next spooky film Sinkhole, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sinkhole will borrow from its short story source material of the same by Leyna Krow. A young family finally moves into their dream home, but there is a giant eyesore of a sinkhole in the backyard. The family figures out the sinkhole has the magic ability to transform broken things back to their original perfect form. They dabble with the idea of what would happen if a person went down the sinkhole.

Issa Rae is tentatively set to star in the film, and produce via her production company Issa Rae Productions. Montrel McKay and Sara Rastogi from her camp will also serve as producers. Peele and Win Rosenfeld will produce for Monkeypaw Productions.

The film is part of Peele’s overarching deal with Universal Pictures.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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