Top 10 Nintendo Systems We Love

The Top 10 Nintendo systems to deliver gaming food for the soul.

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64
Photo Credit: Nintendo

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging around the world, there has never been a stronger impetus to stay indoors. As a result, it has never been a better time to stay inside and try video games. They provide an immersive experience catered to the individual and can highlight

Companies, like Nintendo, have experienced sales jumps like they have never seen before.

The Nintendo Switch console’s sales more than doubled in March 2020, compared to the same month a year earlier, according to industry-tracking firm, The NPD Group.

When it comes the Switch’s competitors, the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4, sales for those respective consoles jumped by 25 percent in March 2020, according to CNBC.

The mainland titles of the Nintendo Switch lend themselves to the home-bound gaming experience. Mario Kart 8 allows family and friends to race one another online, while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate captures the classic brawl experience for that couchmate next to you.

Even if you are gaming alone, Nintendo has you covered. The Switch’s handheld component, as well as the Switch’s sister system, Switch Lite, recreates the solo gaming experience with all of the graphics of console. While you may be playing alone, you can play alone in style.

In these challenging times, the nostalgia of Nintendo can be gaming food for the soul. Whether you spent hours as your favorite plumber attempting to save the princess, or catching those monsters in your pocket, Nintendo’s legacy lies in its ability to create franchises that last beyond their gamers.

You know the sound of an ocarina, just like you know the effects of a blue shell on a race track. These lasting moments were provided by Nintendo and are the effects of the systems you know and still love.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 systems that Nintendo has created!

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Written by Daniel Pearce

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