Upon Careful Reflection, We’re Watching Lucifer Season 5 (Trailer)

We can think of two reasons to watch!

Lucifer Season 5
Photo Credit: Netflix

The wait for Lucifer season five is almost over! The show, which stars Tom Ellis, returns on August 21 to Netflix.

TV Insider caught up with executive producer Ildy Modrovich and co-showrunner Joe Henderson, who reacted to Lucifer getting picked up for a sixth season.

“We’d started writing the finale when we got word [of the last-minute renewal],” says Ildy Modrovich, the sexy procedural’s executive producer. Modrovich’s Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson says the pickup meant more room to explore the fallout of this season. 

Season 5 kicks off with “Really Sad Devil Guy” and the trailer teases the return of Lucifer. Only it isn’t Lucifer. It’s his twin brother Michael. Let the devilish rivalry commence!

Watch the Lucifer Season 5 trailer below!

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Written by Luke Kerr

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