Love it or Hate it: Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves on HBO Max (POLL)

Raised by Wolves
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The first three episodes of Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves premiered on HBO Max September 3 and the reviews are coming in.

The New York Times says it “seems proud to be derivative” though if you like any of the shows or films they mention it may make you want to watch it more.

Not much attempt is made to hide or finesse the sources of what we’re watching; if anything, “Wolves” seems proud to be derivative. The framework strongly recalls both “Battlestar Galactica,” in its combination of big ideas and apocalyptic space opera, and the mechanics of the “Terminator” films. The white-suited Mithraics, trotting across a desert landscape, invoke “Star Wars”; the harsh allegorical elements, “The Handmaid’s Tale”; the stylized speech and movements of the androids, the British series “Humans.” A mysterious, scurrying child in a cloak is the latest quotation of the eerie figure in “Don’t Look Now.”

CNN gave it kudos and praised,

“Simply put, the show remains constantly surprising, with a visually arresting design and look that gets past a few less-than-blockbuster-worthy special effects. It’s also a testament to the writing that the story draws you into its twists and turns — which include flashbacks to spoon out character details — despite the vast amount of plot that must be blocked out in order for any of this to make sense.”

Meanwhile, Indiwire was less than enthused by Raised by Wolves.

The series struggles to fill its time with meaningful development, and far too quickly abandons its frank nature for time-hopping twists and unfulfilling jargon. Worst of all, after the big, lavish spectacle seen in the first few episodes, “Raised by Wolves” ends up feeling small. Two androids are fighting against a few hastily built monsters and a few more similarly single-minded believers on a presumably deserted planet. The stakes, I guess, revolve around the future of humanity, but I’m really only concerned about the future of Ridley Scott. The sooner he puts this behind him, the sooner we can get back to grander adventures through distant planets. Scott’s science-fiction raised so many of us, and future generations deserve more challenging ideas than this.

What did you think of the Raised by Wolves series premiere? Did you love it or hate it? Will you give episodes two and three a chance? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Luke Kerr

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