Nickelodeon Halts Made By Maddie Due To Controversy

Made By Maddie
Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

The case of two very similar concepts is blowing up on a children’s network! Nickelodeon pulls new series Made By Maddie due to similarities to Sony’s Hair Love, per Deadline.

Made by Maddie features an African American family of 3 who share several common looks and themes with the family from Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love. The families share the same number of people, genders, hairstyles, and the daughters both have an affinity for the color pink.

Nickelodeon released a statement on the series likeness to the short film.”Made by Maddie is a show we acquired several years ago from Silvergate Media, a renowned production company we have previously worked with on other series. Since announcing the show’s premiere date this week, we have been listening closely to the commentary, criticism and concern coming from both viewers and members of the creative community.

The statement continues, “In response, and out of respect to all voices in the conversation, we are removing the show from our schedule as we garner further insight into the creative journey of the show. We are grateful to Silvergate Media for all of their work. And we hold Matthew A. Cherry and the wonderful and inspiring Hair Love in the highest regard.

Former NFL player and now in demand Hollywood Director Matthew A. Cherry struck gold with the short film Hair Love. The film tells the story of a young African American Dad trying to care for his daughter’s beautiful natural hair, while the mother suffers from an illness. Triumphantly, the film took home an Oscar for Best Animated Short!

Made by Maddie was set to debut on September 13 on Nick Jr.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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