Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Novels Set for Films at Netflix

Kane Chronicles
Photo Credit: Disney Hyperion

A movie adaption of another set of novels from Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan is on the way. The Kane Chronicles films are currently in development at Netflix, according to Variety.

Riordan confirms the news via his official website. He states “Hey, guys! An exciting announcement as posted on social media concerning the Kane Chronicles: We are developing the series for feature films on Netflix!” He continues to reveal things have been in the works for a while. “We have been working on this deal since last October, about the same time we started working on Percy, and I’m so glad I can now announce it! That’s all I can say for the moment, but stay tuned.

The Kane Chronicles consists of three total novels: The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire and The Serpent’s Shadow. The franchise follows teens Carter and Sadie Kane. The duo are descendants of Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. The series contains a heavy focus on Egyptian history and mythology. The teens essentially discover legendary gods in the current times! They even crossed over with Percy Jackson.

No word on when The Kane Chronicles will make it to Netflix, but the wheels are definitely turning!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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