DC’s Batwheels Set for HBO Max and Cartoon Network

Photo Credit: DC Comics, Warner Bros.

All the DC superhero cars are coming together in one place. New children’s animation show Batwheels is set for HBO Max and Cartoon Network ,per Deadline!

The series will feature the rides of Batman, Batgirl, Robin and a few other DC Superheroes. The team of cars will be led by Bam (The Batmobile). Other members of Batwheels include Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Red (The Redbird), Jett (The Batwing) and Buff (The Bat Truck). The super squad must save Gotham city while working together through growing pains, self-confidence and teamwork. The goal of the show is to teach children these ideals.

Sam Register is co-executive producer with Michael G. Stern. Simon J. Smith serves as supervising producer with Steven Fink as producer. Warner Bros. Animation is the engine behind the project.

President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network, Sam Register, speaks on the studios new venture into the younger set of viewers. “From Batman: The Animated Series to Teen Titans Go!, superhero storytelling has definitely been one of our superpowers here at Warner Bros. Animation. We are so excited to bring that expertise over to the preschool space and take something that all kids love, cool vehicles, and give it a turbo boost with Batman.

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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