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Legends of Tomorrow
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Why, just why? That sound you just heard was the collective groans of the Geek Confidential podcast co-hosts reacting to the news Season 6 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will feature EVEN MORE Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman).

That’s right, the character that started out as a fun, nerdy, quirky and occasional comedic relief Time Bureau agent, but has since spent most of his time eating every storyline alive, that Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) hasn’t already devoured, is getting even MORE airtime.

According to, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has promoted Adam Tsekhman to a series regular in Season 6 and Gary will be a full-blown Legend. And if you’ve desperately wanted to know Gary’s backstory, get ready for that too!

“he’s also not the mild-mannered goofball that our team of superheroes have taken him for all these years,” according to the official character description. “Season 6 will explore Gary’s origin story. It’s even more bizarre than you would imagine…” Given how wonderfully idiosyncratic Gary is, it’s not surprising that there’s some weird stuff in his past.

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On this year’s Best and Worst of the 2019-2020 TV Season Podcast, the over use of Gary and Ava by Legends of Tomorrow was a hot topic. The two characters airtime rapidly increased in Season 5, to the point Ava’s own girlfriend and original cast member Sara Lance (Caty Lotz), aka White Canary, seemed used sporadically by comparison. The season ended with Sara kidnapped by aliens so now the Legends will be searching for her in Season 6.

Meanwhile, TV Insider reported out of DC FanDome that the upcoming sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow will be even zanier, because of Sara’s absence. It quoted the show’s executive producers Grainne Godfree and Phil Klemmer.

“With Sara away, it’s like the kids kind of go crazy. Sara’s one of the grounding influences on the show,” Godfree explains. “We really looked at this season in terms of what would it do to people to have Sara missing?” And while her girlfriend Ava would be a worthy replacement to take the lead, “she obviously takes Sara’s absence the hardest and she starts to get a little bit frayed around the edges as well,” Klemmer tease, “so it leaves a bit of a power vacuum, which is unlikely people have to step up to fill.”

Another original Legend, Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) aka Heat Wave, also felt relegated to intermittent use in Season 5. Often viewers just heard Mick grumbling behind his bedroom door, but never actually saw him.

Maybe the decision to reduce Sara and Mick’s screen time in Season 5 was for budgetary or contractual reasons? Sara and Mick originated on Arrow and The Flash, respectively, and thus have been around a long time.

While we take no issue with either of the actors portraying Gary or Ava, we do question why Legends of Tomorrow used them to point of viewer exhaustion?

What do you think of Adam Tsekhman’s promotion to a full-fledged Legend?

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Written by Luke Kerr

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