Hulu Drops The Hardy Boys Trailer

Hardy Boys
Photo Credit: Hulu

A classic children’s book series comes to life on the small screen. Hulu dropped the first The Hardy Boys trailer!

The series takes its source material from the book series of the same name by  Edward Stratemeyer. Brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are always on an adventure to solve a mystery! This is no different in the live action series. The boys are ages 16 and 12 respectively.

The duo and their family move to the smaller town of Bridgeport, Connecticut for the summer. They meet the locals who warn them nothing much happens in the small town. However, a woman soon visits their father and mentions his wife is in a pickle. It seems she’s been sticking her nose in business where it doesn’t belong.

The scene flashes to a boat pulling up some kind of ancient artifact from the water. Joe (Alexander Elliot) and Frank (Rohan Campbell) soon realize they must help their mother escape trouble. They visit a tarot card reader and she advises they walk on cursed ground. Their lives could very well be in danger.

The boys are soon seen in car chases, fights with knives, and running like hell! They get help along the way from the town’s fellow teens. Will it be enough to save their Mom?

All thirteen episodes of the series will be available for viewing on Friday, December 4. Watch the full trailer for The Hardy Boys below!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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