Teyonah Parris Spills Details on WandaVision’s Monica Rambeau

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The adult version of Monica Rambeau is ready for action! Teyonah Parris gives details on her WandaVision character in an interview with Entertainment Weekly!

Viewers last saw Monica Rambeau in 2019’s Captain Marvel as a pre-teen. She was clearly intelligent and full of ambition. In Disney’s upcoming WandaVision series, Rambeau is all grown up. Head writer Jac Schaeffer describes her as possessing a “toughness and an ability to be a woman in a man’s space.

She can be seen in the trailer flying through the air, and crashing through an energy barrier! In the comics the character is extremely powerful She can fly, travel at the speed of light, and even transform herself into pure energy. It appears the show is trying to remain true to comic several aspects.

Rambeau’s exact role in the WandaVision series is currently being kept under lock and key. However, Parris feels honored to portray the character She states “I feel so special and honored to be able to walk in her shoes and bring her story to life. I hope that me playing this character (a) gives a group of people who are underrepresented a chance to see themselves, and (b) seeing my face and my Black body helps them engage with Black women and our humanity.” 

Additionally, Parris reveals her feelings on Rambeau’s powers. ” “When I found out I actually got it, I tried to jump off a set of stairs because in my body, I was like, ‘I can fly! I can freaking fly!’ My family had to calm me down.

WandaVision is still eyeing a 2020 release exclusively on Disney Plus!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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