Cat Vasko to Pen Plastic Man for Warner Bros.

Plastic Man
Photo Credit: DC Comics

Warner Bros. and DC Films are set to bring another superhero to life. Variety reports Cat Vasko will pen the upcoming Plastic Man film!

The story focuses on orphan Patrick “Eel” O’Brian. While living on the streets, he is shot and exposed to a strange chemical. The incident leaves his body with the ability to stretch very far and mold into anything. His body is essentially rubber. During his recovery, a monk’s kindness gives him the idea to fight on the right side of the law. Thus, Plastic Man is born.

Plastic Man’s origins are with Quality Comics. However, Quality went out of business in 1956 and DC purchased many of the characters including Plastic Man. The film has been in development hell since 2018. Previously, Amanda Idoko was attached to write the script.

Vasko’s recent credits include Queen of the Air, Fierce Kingdom, and Boom! Comics adaptation Lumberjanes!

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Written by Melodie Aikels

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